Breaking down logic while breaking down the stomach contents

No babies in the overhead compartments, please

The Mile High Club is that term for being "on the job" in mid-flight and leaving with a walk of shame as two people emerge tussled from the confines of the smaller than small toilet cubicle. That's all well and good for switching bodily fluids with another air traveller. And it's one thing to notice an elderly gent to walk into an airplane toilet and come out a skinny Asian man.

But then it gets really hairy altogether when it's another thing completely to see a pregnant woman go into the loo and walk out a whole lot lighter.

An aircraft cleaner found a fetus that was stuffed inside the trash bin of an Etihad Airways flight that arrived from Abu Dhabi late Monday evening. [...] [Aircraft cleaner Randy Ondo] was almost done with his cleaning chores and was collecting the garbage from the trash bin when he saw a big roll of tissue paper that was all bloodied up.

Becoming suspicious of its contents, Ondo inspected what was wrapped inside the tissue paper and discovered the lifeless male fetus.

Perez, Anjo. "Plane trash bin yields fetus"
Manila Bulletin 4 January 2011

Throw it back a week or so, the day after Boxing Day, another mother-don't-want-to-be does a very similar thing, but this time, before she ever boarded.

Dubai Police have called on the Interpol to help in arresting a woman from an African country on charges of strangling her newborn with the baby’s own umbilical cord at the Dubai Airport.

According to the police, the woman gave birth to the child in the toilet at Dubai International Airport early Thursday and proceeded to strangle the baby so the child wouldn’t cry, then dumped the body in a trash bin and left the country.

Al Sadafy, Mohammed. "Mother strangles baby with umbilical cord"
Emirates24|7 27 December 2010

What the second news item seems to elaborate on is the reason for strangling the child. It's very possible, given the outcome of it all, that the strangling was to kill the baby, getting rid of its only pathway to air.

That it couldn't cry was something you can only hint at. Without a woman sitting in the stall next, and who would most likely have egregiously ignored the goings-on, there's no telling what alternative reason behind the choking was.

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