Breaking down logic while breaking down the stomach contents

Recycling is hard, let's go dumping!

Recycling should take no more time than it does to throw away normal refuse. But to many, a bin is a bin is a bin. Doesn't matter what you're not supposed to trash in it, so long as they see the gaping maw of the receptacle consume it, well it must be valid mustn't it? No. It never really matters where you live, you'll always find people too lazy to stack the right piles.

"What's happening is people are putting their garbage into the sites," said [Aaron Praus, Dickinson's solid waste manager]. "When materials are mixed in with the cardboard that we ship to St. Paul, they pull samples and if they find too much garbage, they can reject the entire load."

But hey, it's not like the council asks you to pay for such a privilege in sorting out your trash. If you're in that kind of town, you're pretty lucky. Or not bothering to read what's actually printed on your council tax rates. Then again, moving all this garbage out of sight, out of mind has to incur some costs. So who's going to bear it?

Solid Waste Management Director Donald Long is telling elected officials he thinks it's "imperative" for Durham to emulate other North Carolina cities and begin charging residents a monthly collection fee for garbage and recycling.

Gronberg, Ray. "Monthly garbage, recycling fee sought" The Herald Sun 30 May 2011

Now imagine having to walk through your city, suburb or town with the wafting scales of rotting garbage rough-licking your nostrils. For nearly a whole wretched week no less.

The six-day old garbage crisis in Panaji ended on Saturday evening as the CCP started lifting the garbage and transporting it to Taleigao. "The compost at Taleigao is being removed, while construction of a compound wall at the site has also started," Parekh added. Piles of wastes in the city market were growing bigger and the stink more unbearable as the garbage crisis entered its sixth day.

Making the Earth bloat doesn't come free people. Recycling makes things a little easier. Even better when you can reduce or reuse beforehand.