Breaking down logic while breaking down the stomach contents


Threshold of Waste is on all things around the toilet and things within arm's reach of such. For the most part it's trying to make sense of what goes on in the news that mentions any of the following topics:
  • toilets - excretions, toilet paper, the throne or thunderbox and the smallest room in the house
  • germs - washing hands constantly, germ phobia and bacteria
  • sanitation - cleaning the toilet and making it smell like turd roses
  • garbage - trash and the heap down at the dump
So basically you're going to see a lot of rehashing and recycling. Old school blogging. An E/N on all things close to the backside.

My name is Kevin, a civil engineering student from UTS living quite the meagre lifestyle. Eking it really. Oh, is it a pain to sit alone at night by the flicker of the computer screen and wonder if there's enough fibre in the diet. There is, but some times it's a bit on the scant side.