Breaking down logic while breaking down the stomach contents

Picking your wallet while you pinch a loaf

Back when video game demos were still on CD hot waxed to the cover of a games magazine, there was one for Theme Park from Bullfrog Productions. Similar to RollerCoaster Tycoon, you were the owner/proprietor of an amusement park. Rack up the cash money from the park patrons and you're on your way to winning in a game that didn't really have an endpoint, like most sims.

One simple tactic would be to price the chips and fries cheap and load them up with salt. But only enough as to make it taste better and not to smother them. Their mouth drying out, the customers would be in search of something to drink in order to quench their tricked thirsts. Of course, having turned off the bubblers, your other snacks stand would be selling soft drinks. At a very high price. Gouging like they do at cinemas back then and all through today.

If you're running a music or religious festival, or any gathering for that matter, the same kind of shady dealings apply.

Tired after fulfilling her vows to Lord Muruga at Batu Caves [during the Thaipusam festival], A. Jaya, 58, decided to use the toilet to freshen up. Little did she realise she would have to pay 50sen [roughly $0.15 AUD] to use the facilities.

Menon, Priya. "Devotees thronging Batu Caves put off by toilet fees"
The Star Online 19 January 2011

If you can't screw the money out of them before they hit the can, do what one council in Tampa Bay is trying and suck them dry after they've been.

The daughter of a Port Tampa woman who was socked with a $2,100 water bill doesn't agree with the city's explanation that a leaking toilet was at fault.

Johnson, Neil. "Daughter rejects city's theory behind high water bill"
The Tampa Tribune 19 January 2011

All cause and cash effect really. Lead the people to water and milk them for the privilege of using it.

If you're in the business of making anti-bacterial products, you do what the board and shareholders expect you to and run some study that will push people into looking toward your products for the cure. In this case, BioCote, makers of things anti-microbial.

It's probably not a bad idea to wash your hands after using an ATM. A recent British study found ATM pin pads were as contaminated as public toilets and the type of bacteria found was comparable.

Moos, Jeanne. "What do toilet seats and ATMs have in common?"
CNN/NECN 13 January 2011

Of course, use that stuff often enough and you create superbugs leaving all that anti-bacterial goop useless and in the end a little harmful. It's a good bet that any surface you don't own and don't keep to yourself will be smeared with germs and the like. Best walk into the world wearing a full body condom to be safe and sure.

Work the people long enough and you might just get all their money at every stage of play and pay.

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