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Getting one back for the garbage trucks

Right at the end of 2010, like some kind of demon possession of refuse and trash, garbage trucks were getting into some battles leading up to the end of year and New Year's celebrations.

The want for supremacy in all aspects of life is a competitive bone that still gets thrown out with the scraps and leftovers. It's as high as the tips and dumps littering the landscapes and flocking all sorts of birds and rats to their mounds.

A teen on a bicycle was struck by a garbage truck Tuesday afternoon when he swerved into the path of the truck, Highway patrol officials said.

"Teen struck by garbage truck"
WIS News 10 28 December 2010

The bike rider just did not have any aural senses available to him with his mp3 player of choice locking out that angle. The report doesn't even mention if he was riding with a helmet. Which, if you're reading far more into it than they want you to (or you're accustomed to putting back shredded documents), lays some kind of blame or responsibility on the kid for biking around and not paying attention to his total surroundings. Being able to hear a heaping mass of trash coming around the corner is always a good thing.

But the highs of Championship Collision is soon dashed when a garbage truck runs afoul of tip truck in New York.

The crash happened when the garbage truck, heading north on Northern Pines Road, went through the intersection and was struck by an eastbound dump truck belonging to Larned and Sons of Rotterdam, police reported. [..] No tickets were issued, but police said if any were going to be issued, it would be to the driver of the garbage truck.

Sealing a deal of pride hurt is that last line. Two trucks enter the arena, one will be the loser. Bruise for the ticketed loser. Looks like garbage trucks were not ready for prime time.

One thing losers do to feel a rush of being on top again is go back to where they were winners last.

A man was killed Wednesday in southwest Leavenworth County when he was run over by a garbage truck, a Sheriff’s Office spokesman said.

Richmeier, John. "Man killed in garbage truck accident"
Leavenworth Times 29 December 2010

In a world filled with junk and things left behind, it is still those who are on top at the end of the bloody waste that reign. What they lord over is still garbage and trash though.

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