Breaking down logic while breaking down the stomach contents

Diminishing returns of recycled urine

Dehydration is a killer. And dying from thirst is no fun. But when you're desperate for the sweet juice of hydration, urine can sometimes substitute its place just fine.

You really have to watch out for the taste at first. It's something sharp and not easy to stomach. In a pinch, it's what you'll have to do if you can't even find standing water that you might want to boil. Or if you can't wring out a cactus.

[...] Did you know that urine is sterile? That's right. You can drink it.

Tyler Durden, Fight Club

On the other wet hand, there's got to be a limit as to how many times you can recycle and refill your own cup with the urine that's gone through once before.

The law of diminishing returns applies here. And if you started out with clean, clear pee, it won't be much longer when the thirst strikes. Kidneys will hurt if you abuse them too much. Or that's just a little bit of flavour in your yellowing drink.

How many times do you think you can drink your own before it really starts to affect you? More than socially that is. What other people drink at the dinner table is of their own concern. Drunks are still invited to parties, it doesn't stop them.